Hooray, I’ve finally figured out how to import DAZ animations into Maya~!

Not a work in progress, just trying out the Arnold skin and hair shaders.
This is a raw render, no post-work.
Composed in DAZ Studio
Composited in Maya
Rendered with Solid Angle Arnold

rone9 asked: Do you take requests?

Sorry, not at this time. I’m still trying to figure out how to do my own stuff, let alone someone else’s :(

gigaguess asked: What program do you use for your renders?

DAZ Studio for composition and rendering with 3Delight

Zbrush for morphs and fibermesh

Photoshop for postwork

I’m trying to move my workflow completely out of DAZ Studio. It’s a pain in the ass to use for animation, and you’re restricted to 3Delight or LuxRender for rendering. I’ve been playing with the Arnold renderer in Maya and it’s awesome. WAAAAAY faster than 3Delight and it’s unbiased so you get physically accurate lighting.

arabmuscles asked: Hi there.I love your 3D work. I'm using daz3d (+Freak 5) also and have a question : how do you create a cock? What about body hair, how do you add it to the texture?thxs

There are a couple of dicks you can use. DAZ makes their own called Male Genitalia and there is a free one you can get called Ulfgens 2.0. You can add body hair to any skin by making an opacity map for it, but I prefer to use actual geometry. I’ve been using fibermesh hair created with Zbrush and importing that into Studio. You can also try Look At My Hair which is a plugin for DAZ.

Pocket Rocket!!! - July 2014

"Tease" — May 27, 2014

Animated, composed, and rendered in DAZ Studio

Just a quickie

Heavy Load (WIP)

Playing with fluid dynamics in RealFlow

Beau stats

For those that are into numbers: (these are all inches)

Beau from Beau (II)

Bicep 24.25
Forearm 18.78
Wrist 10.31
Chest 55.34
Waist 40.45
Thigh 30.32
Calves 23.91
Ankle 12.33

And believe it or not, he is actually quite the shortie!

Height: 5’4”

And of course, genitals:

Penis length: 19.5 inches
Penis girth: 16.45 inches
Scrotum length: 9.86 inches
Scrotum girth: 24.25 inches

EDIT: Forgot to mention this is flaccid, as he most certainly is not erect in Beau II.

Just to give you some perspective, a grapefruit or a softball is about 12 inches in circumference. So Beau’s big bull balls are literally each the size of a grapefruit.

Alas, there is no way to “weigh” him so I haven’t the foggiest idea what a guy his size and height should weigh. :(

The current Beau (from Beau III) is quite a bit bigger than this, but I’ve yet to measure him.

I got these measurements using the excellent Measurement Metrics for DAZ Studio plugin.

Lum-bear-jack (Permanent WIP) - March 2014

This one is a bit of a tragedy. I am submitting this as a scrap because the mesh I was working on got destroyed and I was never able to recover it. Therefore, the model is stuck as is an no longer posable. This is why you see some poke through etc. Am still somewhat happy with how it looks, and so I submit it for all to see.
Self-worship - May 2014

(Source: ss9329)

I know a lot of you have been wanting a MG animation, so here’s quickie while I work on the real one
Rough animation test

bullboysblog asked: What software do you use to produce these 3d images?

DAZ Studio for compositing and rendering. ZBrush for sculpting the meshes.